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End of year 2020 Season's Greetings

25th December 202014:00

Year 2020 was marked by unprecedent health crisis that has shown many weaknesses of the current world and paves the way for the improvements in the next year.

Resortsland is coordinating travel, accommodation and related affairs amid the COVID-19 crisis

2nd January 25.30:00

Whole world has been hit by the COVID-19 disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus which was not properly contained within mainland China where it originated in November 2019 and spread to the whole world during the first months of 2020. Many jurisdictions worldwide have adopted different kinds of travel restrictions which resulted in chaotic situation and brought many Resortians and other travellers into problems. Resortsland is trying to keep track of the current situation and provides help with travel, accommodation and related things.

Resortsland is expanding the network of representative offices

2nd January 25.30:00

Resortsland is looking for new staff and locations for its representative offices worldwide.

Resortsland established the International Development Advancement Organization (IDAO)

2nd January 15.20:00

IDAO is an international organization based on the public law intended for the cooperation of worldwide governments and other international organizations for the purpose of development advancement. Entities of public law are welcomed to contact IDAO regarding their questions and potential membership applications. The main purpose of IDAO is to provide sustainable support to people to keep them off loans, because we consider personal loans as one of the main reasons of poverty and wealth imbalance in the world.

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